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Generate ideas, summarize texts, answer emails, create blog entries, answer any kind of questions...

Increase your productivity by at least 20%!

Do you have an Executive Assistant? Now you have one!


And if you already have one, both of you will be much more productive.

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  • Create Unit Tests

  • Explain and comment code

  • Fix bugs

  • Optimize code

  • Translate between programming languages

  • Create functions and scripts in any language

  • Recommend APIs

  • Generate documentation


All at one click distance!

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Just write down your specifications and the AI will program it for you.

In any programming language.

Bugs free.

SkyNet is coming!

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My AI Colleague

Have a conversation with whoever you want: Your Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Financial Advisor, Coach...

Have you ever talked with Socrates, Da Vinci, or George Washington? Now you can!

Do you know what an animal, a plant, or a planet would say to you? Check it!

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Vision and Mission

Our vision is to bring AI to everyone in the world so that they can benefit from its power. Everybody will have a My AI Corp app installed on his mobile.


From science fiction to today's reality, our mission is to provide the best AI technology and services to help customers to improve their productivity and achieve freedom.


Delegate this! Time is freedom

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What People are Saying

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“I'm really impressed with the capabilities. It's able to understand and respond to natural language queries very well. And it's also very fast! I'm looking forward to seeing more improvements in the future.”

Elisa Martró

"I've been using My AI Executive Assistant and My AI Coder for a while, and I'm delighted with the accuracy. It helped me a lot with my work, and I can't imagine working without it. So I just can say: Congratulations, and keep up the good work!"

Bobby Ford

“It’s really easy to use and has many features that make my work easier. For example, the ability to redact emails, summarize, create new ideas, optimize code... And moreover, I love to chat with whoever I can imagine.”

Sarah Smith

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